Life is Art


The Eye Ball

This painting was born in a very hard stage of my life. It was absolute chaos in my mind. "The Eye Ball" canvas looks like simple things rack, but it has a deeper meaning. There is a human head on the rack from the side it looks normal, but no one could imagine what is going on that mind. And that eye is a symbol of curiosity.

The Human

"The Human" painting came to my mind when I was traveling around the world. I saw a lot of people at bars, parties, many of them were drinking or doing some kind of drugs. That is how this idea to show this kind of human "relaxation" came.

The Everyday

I think this is one of my simples drawing, but that's not mean is it bad. It just has a simple meaning and it shows an everyday room of artist. It is a very minimalistic room because the most beautiful and colorful things happen on the artist's mind.